Hearth & Fireside Service

At Buck Stove Pool & Spa, not only do we sell and install quality fireplaces, gas logs, wood stoves, and gas heaters…we are also your #1 choice for service and repair!


We offer the following Hearth & Fireside services…

Raymond Tolson Service/Construction

Raymond Tolson

  • Professional Chimney Cleaning – Our service technician, Raymond Tolson, has been cleaning chimneys for nearly 40 years.  You can expect a clean, neat, professional cleaning that will ensure the safety of your fireplace.  He will pull out your stove insert, brush the chimney, check stove operation (blower, thermostat, etc.), check gasket material and replace if needed, and clean up, leaving not a trace of soot!
  • Chimney Lining – If you are not 100% confident in the integrity of your aging brick and mortar chimney, let us install a stainless steel chimney liner.  Chimney liners safeguard your home from dangerous chimney fires and can improve the overall operation of your fireplace.
  • Wood Stove Service – We offer maintenance service on all wood stoves.  This includes replacing glass, gaskets, blower motors, fans, thermostats or anything else that may be wrong with your wood burner.
  • Gas Log Service – We sell and service both vented and vent-free gas logs.  We perform yearly cleaning and maintenance as well as repair work if your log set is on the blink.
  • Gas Heater Service – We perform repair work on vented and vent-free gas heaters as well.  Maybe your pilot won’t stay lit or your heater smells “funny.”  We offer full service or you can bring your unit in for repair and pick it up when complete.

The next time your fireplace, wood stove, gas logs, or gas heater needs service, please call us and we can get you fixed up so you don’t have to worry about keeping warm in the winter.