Spa Chemicals

When it comes to maintaining your hot tub, we recommend using the Nature 2 mineral purifier by Zodiac. The Nature 2 system is a low-chlorine system that is both very affordable and extremely easy-to-use. Follow these steps when refilling your hot tub:

1. When your tub is full and running, pour in a bottle of Perfect pH. This will condition your water such that the pH drift will be minimized.
2. Install the Nature 2 mineral stick. The mineral cartridge fits right down inside your spa filter.
3. Add 2 capsful of Enhanced Spa Shock for the initial shock treatment. Thereafter, use only one capful per week under normal spa use.

The Nature 2 mineral purifier lasts for four months. At the end of four months, drain and clean your tub and repeat the process. Nothing could be easier. Your spa water will be softer, less irritating to your skin, and you will spend much less time taking care of your hot tub and much more time enjoying it! Buy your hot tub chemicals by clicking the products below.