Pool Repair Service in Greenwood, SC

The joy of owning a pool is a mainstay of our business. However, we know it can be difficult to maintain the balance of your water. PoolAssist Plus™ is an affordable service designed to take the hassle out of maintaining your pool. Let us handle the delicate work of keeping your pool properly balanced. You will be free to enjoy your pool more frequently with this convenient service. This document serves as the agreement under which we provide this service to our customers. When you are ready to get started, complete this form and visit our showroom. If you have any questions, give us a call at (864) 223-1600.

We also provide the following services:

  • Pool liner replacement & patching
  • Pool pump repair
  • Automatic cleaner repair
  • Water analysis
  • Pool resurfacing
  • Deck resurfacing and repair
  • Equipment installation (pumps, filters, salt systems)

PoolAssist Plus™ Service Agreement

1. Buck Stove, Pool & Spa (hereafter referred to as “We”or “Us”), agree to keep Homeowner’s pool balanced within the following parameters at all times during the duration of this contract:

  • Total Alkalinity 80-150ppm
  • Calcium 150-400ppm
  • Salt (if applicable) 2800- 3500ppm
  • Stabilizer 40-100ppm
  • pH 7.2 – 7.8 (not guaranteed on salt pools)

2. We agree to analyze Homeowner’s pool water and add the appropriate chemicals, not limited to, but a minimum of once per month. These visits will occur on the same day each week.

3. Chemicals added to Homeowner’s pool will be billed at the current in-store price of those chemicals.

4. Homeowner is solely responsible for maintaining proper water level in pool.

5. Homeowner may, up to the close of business the day preceding their weekly visit, order any item or supply to be delivered at no additional cost. Such items may include chlorine sticks, shock, algaecide, automatic pool cleaners, pumps, skimmer baskets, vacuum hoses, brushes, skimmer nets, etc. Installation of any delivered items is not included, but may be performed at an additional cost.

6. We agree to inspect Homeowner’s pool and equipment on a regular basis free of charge and inform Homeowner if any repairs are needed. No work will be performed without prior authorization from Homeowner unless otherwise specified in this contract.

7. Homeowner will be exempt from any trip charges that are normally charged for repair work for the duration of this contract.

8. A valid credit card must be placed on file with us. The monthly fee determined will be charged on or around the first day of every month.

9. Any chemicals added to Homeowner’s pool, merchandise delivered to Homeowner, or repairs done will be charged to the credit card on file on the day of delivery or the next business day. No in-store credit will be extended.

10. Service may be cancelled at any time, but no refunds of the monthly fee will be given.

11. Homeowner will provide and allow us to keep any key or lock combination required to access pool area.

12. Homeowner will be solely responsible for maintaining the chlorine or other sanitizer levels.

13. If, at any time, Homeowner brings in a water sample for an in-store test and the sample is found to be outside the parameters set forth in this contract, we will give Homeowner, free of charge, the chemicals required to bring the pool into proper balance.

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