Never Trust a Groundhog…Never


Untrustworthy Rodent

This morning, it didn’t take long for me to figure out that Winter isn’t over yet (I’m pretty sharp).  The sign in front of Hodges elementary indicated 35°.  My windshield indicated rain.  What a gloomy combination!  Seems like only two days ago I was out enjoying a nice Sunday afternoon round of golf in short sleeves.  My, how quickly the weather changes this time of year.  Never trust a groundhog.

One thing that has always irritated me about drastically changing outdoor temperatures is trying to keep the house comfortable.  One day the heat is on and the next day I’m running the A/C.  That can’t be good for the pocketbook.  I used to think, “If only there was a way to cheaply heat only the space I was using I could save tons of money!”

I finally did start saving tons of money the day I bought an Edenpure heater.  I put one upstairs to keep the kids warm at night and discovered I didn’t even need to turn the upstairs heating unit on!  I went from using a gas central heating unit, burning who knows how many BTU’s, to using a small electric infrared heater that only costs about $0.11 an hour to operate.  I haven’t turned the upstairs central heat on in 3 years! Cha-Ching!

The Edenpure Gen2

The Edenpure Gen2 only $197

This past year, I bought an Edenpure Gen2 for my bedroom.  I had been running my gas fireplace really hot (about 74°) so the heat would get back to my bedroom and keep it at least 69°.  Once I put the Gen2 in the bedroom, I was able to turn the fireplace down to 70° or lower and the Gen2 kept me as warm as I wanted to be at night.  The best part about all this is that the wife loves it!  It may not sound like a big deal but trust me, four degrees on the thermostat equals huge savings on the gas bill.  HUGE!  Finally buying something the wife approves of was huge, too.  HUGE!

We probably have at least 6 or 8 more weeks of weather that will dip below the comfort zone.  What will you do to heat up your spaces?  How much will it cost you?  Come get an Edenpure heater and you will save money just like I did…um, just like I still do.





Destination: Lazy Days by the Pool. We’ve got your ticket…and It’s FREE

lazy_bumI’ve heard it said before that ambition is a poor excuse for not having sense enough to be lazy.  And while I tend to agree, for the most part, being lazy is rarely ever the best way to go.  The grass gets too high and your cleanest dirty shirt sometimes isn’t clean enough.

Even though laziness is frowned upon by most of society and viewed as a negative character trait, owning a swimming pool entitles you to a certain degree of laziness.  After all, if owning a pool was supposed to be all work, nobody in their right mind would own one.

Our newly redesigned web site,, is a way you can squeeze a little more relaxation time out of your day and enjoy being lazy around the pool.

Features of our new site include:

  • Online ordering of chemicals and equipment
  • FREE next-day delivery (zip codes 29646 & 29649)
  • Pricing that beats most national catalog brands
  • Professional assistance with product selection
  • Special deals, promotions, & contests that save you money

Of course, we always like to see you face to face so we can provide you with our free water analysis service and ask how you’ve been.  But, it should be reassuring for “professional relaxers” in Greenwood to know that when you need products for your pool you  don’t have to leave the house.  If you have a PC, tablet, or smart phone, pool products are just a click away!

Next time you are in need of pool chemicals, give our new site a try.  Use promo code SPRING13 to receive 15% off your first order!