With the winter season right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll be heating up your home in the coming months. Whether your home is currently equipped with a heating system or not, many folks still like to enjoy the atmosphere that a fireplace provides. Buck Stove Pool & Spa offers a variety of fireplaces and heaters including wood stovesgas heatersgas fireplaces, and electric heaters and fireplaces. Read on to learn how a fireplace can enhance your home!

  1. Warmth – one of the most practical reasons why one would add a fireplace or wood stove to their home, they provide a great amount of heat to a room. Depending on which type you choose, the amount of warmth can vary.
  2. Aesthetics – many people add a fireplace to their homes for additional aesthetic appeal. A wood burning stove can tie into a traditional theme, while the variety of gas fireplaces available make matching a fireplace to any theme, easier than ever.
  3. Energy Efficient – wood stoves and gas fireplaces are a great way to cut down on utility costs during the winter. Putting the furnace on full force on a frequent basis can make the gas bill sky rocket. Heating your home with a fireplace can allow you to keep the furnace at a lower temperature and save on energy and money.
  4. Creative – since a gas fireplace can be added to almost any room in a home, your creative juices are allowed to get flowing.  Add one to the bedroom to create a relaxing oasis, or the living room for a warm ambiance that family and friends can enjoy. No matter what vision you have in mind, a fireplace can most likely accompany it.

As you can see, fireplaces and wood stoves can go much farther beyond than their practical purposes. Browse our selection or speak with one of our experts today to find out which fireplace or stove suits your needs best!