Now through July 15th you can enter for a chance to win a FREE Robotic Pool Cleaner when you bring us your water sample for balancing!

I know what you’re thinking.  “Do I have to buy anything?”  Well, yes.  That’s pretty much how we stay in business.  However, you won’t have to buy anything you don’t need.

To become eligible for the drawing all you have to do is purchase a minimum of $25 worth of the recommended chemicals to get your pool water balanced.

Improper water balance is the leading cause of algae growth and liner/equipment degradation.  Keeping your water balanced ensures that your chlorine products work the way they are supposed to in order to keep your pool clean and bacteria-free.  So, you’re really only doing what you need to do to keep your pool safe for you and your family.  The bonus is you get to enter to win a FREE pool cleaner.

We are only talking about water balance here.  You are not required to purchase chlorine products or algaecide to qualify for the drawing.  The balancing chemicals are:

  • pH Increaser or Decreaser
  • Total Alkalinity Increaser
  • Calcium Hardness Increaser
  • Stabilizer (Conditioner)

Them’s the ones.  That’s all.  One other important note is that there is no limit to the number of entries you can have.  If you want to come in and have your water tested once a week until July 15th, that’s cool.  As long as you purchase the chemicals to balance your water you can enter as many times as you like.  The winner will be announced on July 16th.

With the massive amount of rain we have had over the last few days, now is the perfect time to bring in that first water sample.  Your pool water has been diluted with rainwater and you could probably use a few chemicals to get it back in shape.  We utilize the fastest and most accurate water testing system available, so you know you will get fast, reliable results.

We are located in Greenwood across from Greenwood Mall.  Our business hours are Monday-Friday 8:30-5:30 and Saturday 9-5.  Come in and see us!