The Solar Breeze solar-powered robotic pool cleaner will forever change the way you look at pool maintenance.  Powered by 100% free solar energy, the Solar Breeze robotic cleaner skims the surface of your pool, collecting leaves, dust, debris, pollen, and suntan oils.  The best part is, you pay absolutely nothing to power the Solar Breeze!

Ordinary pool cleaners pick up debris once it has made it to the bottom of your pool.  These cleaners rely on your pool pump or a separate booster pump, or both, to power them across the pool bottom.  These cleaners do a good job, but they are very expensive to operate and they don’t remove debris from the surface.  This left-behind surface debris will soon be on the bottom, creating even more work for your bottom cleaner.

The Solar Breeze will collect 95% of the debris on your pool surface BEFORE it becomes

water-logged and sinks to the bottom.  Not only does this eliminate the need to run expensive bottom cleaners, but it leaves your pool swim-ready all the time!  No more spending 30 minutes dipping leaves, pine straw, flower petals, and bugs from your pool surface before going for a swim.

Another awesome feature of the Solar Breeze is its built-in chlorine dispenser.  As the Solar Breeze cleans your pool, it also distributes chlorine to keep your pool sparkling clear!  Pool owners who use the Solar Breeze have seen a decrease in their pool pump usage of up to 1/2 to 2/3!  Imagine the money you’ll save by cutting your pool power bill in half or better!

Watch the video below to see this amazing cleaner in action, then come by our showroom to put your hands on one.