Pool owners are constantly debating the merits of both salt water pools and chlorine pools. Each side boasts a large number of reputable proponents as well as an array of distinct advantages. In many instances, this particular argument really comes down to a matter of personal preference; though, this factor doesn’t stop opposing pool owners from jawing at each other.

While there may be no clear-cut winner in this debate, it may still prove advantageous to describe some of the benefits of chlorine-based treatments as well as salt water pools. Browse the following couple of sections, and get a feel for which sort of pool chemicals might best suit your needs.

Chlorine is the way to go!

When pool owners decide to go the chlorine route, they ensure the fact that they’ll promptly be able to clear all bacteria from their system. A properly chlorinated pool will only take one or two days to eradicate the threat of harmful bacteria, while a saltwater system can take up to five days. This length of time generally depends on the severity of initial pH levels.

Chlorine pools are additionally easy to operate, and won’t have too damaging of an impact on your bank account either. In order to balance the pH levels of a chlorine based water supply, you simply have to introduce a few tablets to the system every once in a while. This will generally only cost you about 50 or 60 bucks a month, depending on the actual size of your swimming hole.

Salt Water all the way!

Not to be outdone, saltwater pools additionally offer many distinct advantages to pool owners. For instance, chemical levels are decidedly lower throughout all salt water systems. This will render your pool water far safer for your family members, and eliminate all the elements which might harm you skin or sting your eyes. Saltwater pools will also do away with the threat of faded swimsuits and fried-out hair.

While saltwater systems do initially cost more to implement, they’ll start to actually save you money in the long run. They also require less upkeep than Chlorine-based systems as well.


So there you have it. Which camp do you fall into? There will come a time that you’ll inevitably have to either join up with either Team Salt Water or Team Chlorine. We hope the information in this article helps you feel prepared when that faithful day arrives.