Summer is just around the corner in Greenwood, SC, and residents everywhere will soon be removing their swimming pool covers to find out how much preparation is necessary to get it up to snuff for a season of soaking up the sun.  Below are some things to take into consideration when opening your pool to ensure that it is kept in its healthiest and safest condition.

  1. Avoid emptying your pool. Unless your swimming pool requires repair work after the winter months, or you didn’t cover it at all and it needs to be drained in order to clean it, try to avoid emptying the pool water at all costs. Emptying the water can cause more harm than good, and even lift a pool out of the ground if the conditions are right.
  2. Perform a “chemical open.” This process can be done with the pool cover left on, and involves assembling your filtration system, cleaning out the baskets and removing any plugs that you may have put in when shutting your pool down for the winter.
  3. Have your water tested by a professional. Taking a sample of your pool water to a professional ensures that the mineral content, pH and chlorine levels are all up to par. If something seems a little off, they will be able to tell you exactly what it is and by how much.
  4.  Check the clarity of the water. Although you might be anxious to dive in as soon as you open your pool, it’s important to clean the filter every day until the water is clear before doing so. The pool cover should be left on until it’s clear enough to see the bottom – chlorine can be added to achieve the right level of clarity.
  5. Clean it up. Throughout the winter, leaves and debris will have made their way into your pool. Once you remove the cover, all of this will need to be vacuumed and cleaned out.

After completing these five easy steps, your pool should be ready for enjoyment all season long. Keep up on maintenance throughout the summer by performing filter cleaning, weekly vacuuming and daily testing of chemical levels. If you find anything unusual when you remove your cover, or are in need of a larger project such as swimming pool repair, the professionals at Buck Stove Pool and Spa are always available to assist.