Swimming pool designs have come a long way since their basic beginnings. For many people, a swimming pool is much more than a place to cool off in hot temperatures. It can be as much as the main focal point and gathering spot in a home’s backyard. The fun part of installing a swimming pool is your ability to make it as simple, outlandish or extravagant as you’d like! Get inspired and learn about some of the latest trends that swimming pools have taken on this year.

  1. Infinity Pools – a popular choice for homes with an ocean or lake view, infinity pools create an illusion that the pool seamlessly flows into the distant body of water.
  2. Geometric Shaped Pools – rectangular or square pools offer a contemporary aesthetic to a home’s backyard, and have become increasing popular in the last year. They are especially great for fitting into smaller backyards.
  3. Glass Tile – taking over ceramic and porcelain tiles this year are the stronger and more durable glass tiles. They endure chlorine and other chemicals found in pools better than the traditional options, and are less likely to crack or break. Not to mention, their iridescent tones reflect beautifully off of the pool water.
  4. Multilevel Pools – as the name states, these pools feature multiple levels, sometimes with stairs leading from one level to the next, or waterfalls flowing down from top levels to those below. These pools allow swimmers to enjoy a view from several different heights and perspectives.
  5. Fitness Pools – with many people making fitness a higher priority in their lives in recent years, exercise, or lap pools have become in higher demand. These pools come in many varieties, such as a long length to make swimming laps easy, or a resistance jet at one end which allows you swim without actually moving.

With these new swimming pool trends and many other customization options available, you can make your pool fit your personal needs and tastes now more than ever. Whether you want to create your own outdoor oasis, a convenient way to exercise, or just a place to splash around and have some summer fun, these pool trends can accommodate!